id Super Pack Widescreen & Mutli-Monitor Guide - Quake II

Submitted by skipclarke on 10 August, 2007 - 00:05

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Engine: KMQuake2 version 0.20
Games Supported: Quake II + Mission Packs
Widescreen Solution: Native

Quake II

Download "The engine" (version 0.20) and extract it to an empty directory, and call it "Quake2" or something that will remind you that it is Quake 2. Keep that directory open in a window.

If you wish, you may also download "Hi-res levelshots." Extract it to the gameDir as well, overwriting the baseq2 folder.

Open another window and go to \SteamApps\common\quake 2.

Copy the folder "baseq2" to your kmquake2 directory. You can safely overwrite the existing "baseq2" folder; you won't lose any files in it.

Run kmquake2.exe to play Quake.

All the common widescreen resolutions are supported natively, and there is an FOV autoscaling setting that ensures hor + gameplay.

Also, be sure to change the crosshairs. Crosshairs 1, 2, and 3 get drawn off-center in KMQuake2 0.20, and are pretty much useless. Crosshairs 4-11 are much better. You can change it by going into the main menu and going to Options->Screen.

Mission Pack Instructions

You must have followed the Quake II instructions beforehand. This assumes you have both expansion packs.
Go to \SteamApps\common\quake 2.
Copy the folders "xatrix" and "rogue" into your kmquake2 directory.

Go back to the KMQuake2 website, and download "Official mission pack support" (version 0.20). Extract the contents to the "xatrix" directory *AND* the "rogue" directory, overwriting any files in them.

Then go to the kmquake2 directory and create a file called "quake2.bat."

Now, edit the file, and copy and paste this into it:

@echo off
echo Quake II + expansions
echo 1: Quake II
echo 2: Mission Pack 1: The Reckoning
echo 3: Mission Pack 2: Ground Zero
set /p userinp=choose a number (1-3):
goto %userinp%
goto end
set game%=xatrix
goto end
set game%=rogue
goto end
kmquake2.exe +set game %game%

Run quake2.bat to get a menu that lets you pick which mission pack to play.

Music Patch

This is an optional patch you may install to re-enable Quake II's music. The data archive is encrypted, and will only install if you have Quake and its expansion packs, and have followed all of the instructions above.

Download the patch here. Extract its contents to the Darkplaces directory. Run the file "difdepak.exe," and then wait a few minutes. If all goes well, it should eventually say:

Everything is Ok
Press any key to continue . . .

The music is now re-enabled. At this point, you may delete the files "control" and "" to free up disk space. You can run the game with quake2.bat, and the music should play.

Notice: This patch is distributed with assumed tacit permission from Activision. If either id or Activision requests that we take down this patch, we will, but we are hopeful they will embrace it in the spirit of the community.