3 Monitor setup, cant get it right.

  • Anonymous
Posted: 11 October, 2007 - 07:04

Hi all, I am currently building and setting up to race cockpits. I have all the parts and all i have to do is finish the actual cockpits.

I want to set up a 3 monitor display for each cockpit. This is what i have to work with and i want to know if its even possible with these cards. The video card im using is a Nivida GeForce 8400 GS which is a pci-e x16. It has 1 dvi output, 1 VGA and 1 tv out. I also have a Matorx G550 dual head
pci-e x1 card. It has 2 dvi outputs. Does anyone know if i can use these 2 card together for the 3 monitor setup? Im using Windows XP Pro SP1.

Is there a way to install different drivers so both of them will work togther? When i have them both plugged in and connected, windows will load on the monitors plugged into the Nivida card, but the monitor plugged into the Matrox card will only display the system post screen. And its not detected in windows.

What other options do i have? Should i sell the Matrox cards and buy 2 pci based video cards instead?

Any info will be great guys